Finding and fixing formating problems with Minecraft .yml (config) files

Two of the most helpful things for finding and fixing formating problems with your config files are Notepad++ and a YAML Parser 

After you install Notepad++

Navigate to: Settings > Preferences 

In the 'Tab Settings' list, scroll down to 'yaml' and click on it. 
Make sure 'Use default value' is unchecked. Set 'Tab size' to 2 and check 'Replace by space'
Then click close and Notepad++ will use spaces instead of tab.

One of the most common problems with config files is spaces or tabs where they do not belong, here are 2 ways to fix this

1. Open the file in Notepad++ select Edit > Blank Operations > TAB to space, then select Edit > Blank Operations > Trim Trailing Space 

2. Copy the contents of your file and then past it into a YAML Parser if there are any errors, this will tell you what line your errors are on
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