How to use FileZilla

How to use FileZilla: (Pterodactyl Panel)

1) Login to your control panel and select the server you want to access with FileZilla.


2) Locate a drop down menu "Configuration".


3) Look for SFTP settings and use the information provided.


4) The password to access FileZilla is the password you use to login to your control panel


How to use FileZilla: (Multicraft Panel)

1) Log into your Multicraft control panel at: or in a new tab

2) Select the server you want to access with FileZilla

3) Click on 'Files > FTP File Access'

4) Get the following information: Host, Port, and FTP Username

5) Open FileZilla (if you dont have FileZilla yet you can get it here:

6) In the Quickconnect bar at the top type in the Host, Username, Password and Port

7) Click Quickconnect

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