Revision of the 1.14 ban

New rule regarding 1.14 on Budget:
For new servers as of 7/06, 1.14 will not be allowed on Buffalo, New York Budget Minecraft Services. 

6th Jul 2019
Web Hosting Pricing Change

As you guys may have already heard, cPanel has announced a sudden massive cPanel license price increase and a transition to a per-account billing model. With this change, providers will now be billed on a per-account basis (for both active/inactive accounts), instead of paying a flat, server-wide license fee.  With this being said, our Web ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2019
Revision of the 1.14 ban

We have revised the 1.14 ban on Budget Services. You can now use 1.14.1 on Budget 4 GB and over, it must not be 1.14, and it must not be Vanilla. Please make it a Spigot or PaperSpigot JAR for better optimization, plugins are not required and over 8 plugins are not allowed.

27th May 2019
Happy Memorial Day!

Use code MEMORIALDAY2019 for 30% any Shared Hosting (Minecraft, Discord Bot Hosting, Web Hosting, Game Hosting) for the first billing cycle. 


Ends tonight at 11:59 PM EST

27th May 2019
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!


To celebrate, you can use code CINCODEMAYO for 40% off your FIRST MONTH. This code expires tomorrow and only the first 5 people can use it.

6th May 2019
Premium Server Giveaway

Hello everyone!   We have a new giveaway for you! The person who invites the most people to the Sparked Host LLC Discord server will win the prize. This giveaway ends May 1st.   FREE 2 GB PREMIUM MINECRAFT SERVER FOR 1 MONTH WITH 20% RECURRING DISCOUNT   How do I win? Create a never expiring invite to the Sparked Host ... Read More »

20th Apr 2019
Removal of Stripe

If you are looking to make a payment with Stripe (Credit and Debit Card), make sure you do it before the 18th of March. Due to some problems, we will be removing Stripe as a payment option. This may be temporarily or permanently. 

14th Mar 2019
We want YOUR feedback!

Attention customers! As we're always looking forward to improving the customer experience and technology behind Sparked, we're taking YOUR feedback into consideration for the customization of our control panel. As you can see, there has been minimal changes done to our control panel. We want to hear your feedback and suggestions on what we can ... Read More »

12th Jan 2019
Paymentwall released!

After a month of waiting and getting tons of documents, we have released Paymentwall as a payment method: took me, Paul, about 4  total hours to get all the documents together to get verified but I did it for you guys! This means you can pay with a lot of different Payment methods depending on if your country and ... Read More »

4th Dec 2018